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Free Web Hosting - Or Is It?

Free web hosting ? There is no such thing as free web hosting. There is web hosting where you know what it is going to cost you and there's web hosting where you don't. The "code word" for web hosting where the cost is unspecified or hidden is "free web hosting".

Consider this. It costs, for the sake of argument, £10,000 per annum to run, maintain and manage a web server. Lets say that we can fit 200 small web sites on that server without slowing things down too much. So the cost is £50 per annum per site, to us. We sell that with a reasonable margin to make our living. Dead straightforward.

Lets say another company offer "free hosting". And lets say they buy inferior kit, employ kids, give little support and so get the cost down to £5000 per server per annum. Furthermore they might cram 500 sites in the space because what right do you have to complain about slow performance when it is "free"!

Even with all that the "free" webspace they give you costs them £10. Now why would they do that? Walk up to a complete stranger in the street and ask them give to you £10 but make sure you can run quicker than them. No one gives money away. They pretend to give you free hosting because they expect to make more money from you in other ways.

So how do they do it? There are various schemes.

Some give you "free" web space and even a "free" domain name too! However check the small print and you may find it is going to cost you a lot of money to move the name elsewhere. And although the first two years fees are free the next two are anything but free as they get their money back and a chunk more on top! Others plaster your site with ads and banners for their services. So your hard work in building a site only serves to promote their business not yours. And never mind the fact that your visitors are put off by the constant barrage of pop-up windows and offers of free gambling accounts and all the rest of the baggage they inflict on you.

We don't offer free web hosting. We provide hosting where the costs are known up front, where the price we charge means we don't need to over-fill our servers and where the site is yours to run not ours to hijack!

If you're not convinced then sign up for "free" hosting somewhere else and try it. We'll see you later! If you take our drift then go pick a hosting plan!

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