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How Much Web Space Do I Need?

The web space you need is the sum total of the size of all the files you want to put on your web site. In general these will be html files, image files and possibly program files or scripts. If you have an online database then there will also be database files and all the stuff round the edges that supports a database. If your site is going to offer the opportunity to download files then the files for downloading come into the equation also.

The html files are usually pretty small and there is usually only one per page on the site. Image files are often more numerous, several per page, and a single image file can easily be as big as a whole web page's html file. So if you expect to have lots of pictures on the site then you might use a fair bit of web space. A database might have prices for ten types of coffee cup which would be very small file or it might include descriptions and prices in 35 languages and 125 currencies for a range of 50,000 different types of designer bed-socks which would be a very big file indeed.

Our smallest, lowest-cost plans include 10 MB, the next size up gives 50 MB, and so it increases through the range. Bear in mind that a typical html file is probably between 15 KB (0.015 MB) and 45 KB (0.045 MB), an image file shouldn't really ever be more than 50 to 100 KB (0.05 to 0.1 MB) as it will load too slowly, and that a 2 MB database would not be a small database.

This tells you that usually other things will determine which plan you go for rather than web space. You will usually have more web space than you really need because it doesn't cost us very much! Disk drives, even on web servers, have huge capacities, great performance and low prices. All this section is trying to identify is the unusual requirement where there is a large demand for web space but this is not matched by other requirements. As always, if you are not sure, get in touch.

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